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In our range of diesel test equipment we offer solutions for all common rail systems for cars and trucks. For this, works together with professional suppliers like Moteq engineering and Lehnert Tools GmbH. With our equipment you no longer need to disassemble components to test them!

New! Test injectors in a closed loop

All modern diesel engines are equipped with common rail. These systems offer enormous benefits for comfort and reduce the emissions of exhaust gases. The reverse side of this wonderful system is that it's not always reliable and that the repair costs for customers can be very high. Diesel has extensive experience in diagnosing Common Rail systems. At the dealership are too often components replaced that were not really broken. Another solution is to remove the high pressure pump or injectors and test them in a specialized firm. These tests are not cheap but offer security whether the component is defective or not. offers simple equipment that should allow you to test both high pressure pump and injectors on the vehicle itself without disassembly. You save not only money but also a lot of time!


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